Sunday, November 2, 2008

Megha Bhagat

I have witnessed street sexual harassment.
I got involved.

I was with a friend walking on the road just chatting with her and actually not observing things around me. Then as we went and stood on the bus stop waiting for the bus i see this guy trying to get all close and funny with a girl waiting there for her bus. She must be a little younger to me and i saw the change in her getting uncomfortable and she tried moving away. the guy who looked maybe a few years elder to me moved in alignment with her and tried getting up and close. She didnt look like she would say something and i by that time moved closer to them and spoke at the top of my voice , "dont u see there is no place here, move away from here, its congested". everyone around us had started to stare and after giving me a glaring look he walked away from the stop.

Have you ever experienced street sexual harassment or 'eve teasing' and been supported by the public? Did they help? or show support? if yes, in what way?

yes i have been eve teased loads of time. whether its whistling, passing comments, and loads of other forms. But not even once have i had any support.

I have always raised my voice and spoken to the guy but all that people do is give a stare.
Feels pretty redundant but not useless.

How would you like the public to show support when you experience street sexual harassment?
If nothing else the people around me can come and ask on what happened and give him a piece of their mind.