Thursday, February 26, 2009


Honestly I don't know.. I feel guilty about it.. I was in the car with my dad driving me back home late at night and on the way we crossed a lil shady kinda lane.. It was late at night about 12:30 am.. I saw a young girl walking on the side of the road and some disgusting men in a rickshaw and on bikes hooting at her.. I could see she was uncomfortable and trying to avoid them.. It wasn't a desolated place but that area is not too good, you know what i mean... And our car had the windows up so my dad did not notice it happening but I did.. I don't know what made me not react.. Though I was disturbed but I don't know why I dint tell my dad to stop the car and offer to drop her home.. I often regret this.. Maybe it was some sort of fear in my subconscious mind..

How would you like the public to support?
Help me get the pervet/s arrested.. coz ofcourse it is a crime!

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