Sunday, April 19, 2009

Samir Gandhi

Bike AP 09 L 1154

Saturday evening at 0615 PM i was driving thru Prakash nagar, Begumpet area and saw two guy passing on lewd remarks on girls..they were on a Bike AP 09 L 1154. and were trying to drive close to any auto or car having girls and near to girls walking by and hurling lewd comments at them.
I tried calling 100 but there was no response fir the first five minutes. After that they sped of towards somajiguda area. Again at 0630 pm i called back 100 and reported the incident but the operator on the other side was not at all attentive he just listened and said okay and kept the phone... I am still to sure if they are gonna act on my phone call.
We sure do miss a help line sort of thing for eve teasers and lechers. Though i have not travelled much but i always find guys staring at girls who are driving and they drive close them to stare thru the scarf / helmet.
What pained me more was the reaction on the Victims who just went on their way with out even considering to do something. I tried to ask one of them about it and she just ignored me.. and went away..


J said...

thanks for sharing samir. it's important to understand why women sometimes ignore and walk away. sometimes it's just too overwhelming and they don;t want to have to deal with it or they dont want to 'draw further attention'. these are some things we have come across via conversations with people.
hope you continue to reach out!

Unknown said...

Agreed that the women walk away as not to draw further attention... but unless the victim is willing nothing further can be done. Recently we had large disscusion on Pink consortium as to being mute spectators but the first reaction has to come from the victim

J said...

yes the first reaction does have to come for the person who has experienced it- but it also important to understand why the person did not accept it- what the history of it that it does not stop you or anyone else from extending help the next time. both processes must happen simultaneously.