Sunday, August 24, 2008


Yes i have experienced. No i wasn't supported by the public. Neither did they help, nor did they approach.

A college fest, and guys[other college] luring around passing disgusting comments on this group of girls i am in, on a particular gal, and keep staring at the wrong place. I didnt understand the comment coz i don't understand the language; but from what i gathered from the girls it was offending; so i turn around and face the guys and blast them. Give an equal stare for the stare that was hitting us. And i shouted louder with harsher comments that would make people hear who ever wasn't hearing. All of us [girls] then faced the guys and we stared back, till those bunch of 4-5 guys left the place.

Yes i made a scene, but public behaved oblivious to the whole situation. [The sexual harassment happening in the mumbai water park, so the public who were acting oblivious were taking their own chances underwater as the offender]. My cousin[female] who was accompanying along asked me not to tell my mom about it. Felt bad, angry, guilty[of being a woman], astonished, and unable to do or think anything for some 30-45 mins; and eventually my reaction being,i never go to water parks anymore.

How should the public react?
By screwing the offender verbally, and helping in handing him over to the nearest security guys. And lambasting the guy. Least acting as a support when we ourselves screw the offender, and not smile around or stare and gather as if some tamaasha going on if they aren't bothered to care about it

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