Monday, August 18, 2008

Rani Kamal
I was passing by a busy street in kolkata,window shopping when i suddenly saw a driver sitting in the front seat,with a three year old girl child .Now what he was trying to do did not really look normal to me. The windowpanes of the car were locked too.
A gut feeling stooped me and i asked the driver where the child's mother was and he pointed at a store just beside the car park that she was inside shopping.
So i went inside and informed the mother that she should immediately get back to her daughter coz the driver was trying to sexually abuse her daughter on the street inside the car. what made me do this its an reaction,which if ignored woudld be unethical and also giving a platform to more of these kind of incidents which get buried under deep sighs of silence

I would like the public to cooperate and help the victim instead of being a silent passerby.This will nip the problem in the bud.Since the attitude of the public has not been on the lines of coperation, this has led to aggravation of street sexual harrasment.It should not be two people in a crowd of ten co operating but all the ten should take a common stand.

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