Saturday, August 16, 2008


I have seen alot of eve teasing in front of colleges that young men do with young women. I have seen them pass comments on young women.
I have seen several women stay quiet and walk away. I have seen women react and protest. Sometimes I have also intervened and gotten involved
in the situation. Sometimes I have been able to protect and sometimes I have not.

I was on a train from Sealdah to Kollani. Some college girls got onto the train and some college boys also got onto the train. The boys kept saying
bad things to the girls. They boys were about 3 or 4 in number and there were 2 girls. I went in there and said , " why are you saying these things?"
The boys reacted and were rude to me. They asked " are these girls your sisters?"

I asked them to shift the way the were looking at the situation. Speak to them if you like but dont do something that will cause harm to another human being.
Once I said this others in the train supported me and the matter ended there.

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