Monday, August 18, 2008


I did'nt exactly witness harassment. But once while traveling a man sat next to me and started touching me, I gathered enough courage to get up from there and asked the girls standing not to sit with "this pervert".

Have you ever experienced street sexual harassment or 'eve teasing' and been supported by the public? Did they help? or show support? if yes, in what way?

Not exactly by the public but a friend accompanying me. He was the only "friend" who did something about the situation.

Have you ever experienced street sexual harassment and made a scene and not have the public support you?

By maintaining silence!Not speaking up.
Someone from the group said "hota hai"

How would you like the public to show support when you experience street sexual harassment?

I am certainly not expecting the public to take up arms against perpetrator but the least they can do is to not say "beta hota hai". It's pure nonsense and invalidates your entire experience. The last time something happened was in a night bus and when I created a "scene" I expected the conductor to do something maybe just ask that moron to get off the bus!

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