Friday, August 29, 2008

Sneha Banerjee

It once happened in a DTC bus, when a girl asked a man to vacate the ladies seat, though the man did so he stood right beside her and kept poking her armpit with his penis... it was really discreet and could easily pass as jerk in the bus... I was in the seat right behind the girl... the girl asked him to go and stand elsewhere to which he said "have you bought this bus? want me to get up from the seat and also should I stand anywhere with your permission?" I intervened and supported the girl and created a big hue and cry... got into a verbal duel... finally the man had to move away from there and he got down soon after.

Have you ever experienced street sexual harassment or 'eve teasing' and been supported by the public? Did they help? or show support? if yes, in what way?

Numerous has unfortunately become "normal" on Delhi streets... however I continue to answer back to lewd comments or stare back at lewd stares, etc etc...mostly people do not come forward to help... whenever I have recieved support it has been from women either my mother's age or my own..

How would you like the public to support you?
Support in humiliating the perpetrator and reprimand him in a suitable way.

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