Monday, August 25, 2008


I was in a huge, crowded bus stand, the rain and the weekend crowd creating havoc inside.
There was no sight of the bus i had to take, even hours after its intended departure time.
I had become crowd-paranoid afrer the previous incident, and I found a relatively safe niche near the exit of the bus stand where i could stand and wait for my bus.
In front of me was a continuously moving crowd, and in that, I spotted a man touching a girl.What I noticed more was that she was trying to shrug off his grip, she was clearly discomfited but unwilling to confront. The guy had thought that he would get away with it.
The next moment, a slap landed on the man’s arm. From me.
And then there were the stares. The girl’s look of thanks. The man’s chagrined stare, as he slunk away. The onlooker’s surprised stare... wondering why I would beat that guy.
And an utterly shocked, dazed stare. From me. How did I have the nerve to do this, yet again, in a place infested with men??? Did i ever think before I acted?
Another girl standing next to me asked me what had happened, but i couldn’t even bring myself to reply. I didn’t want to be noticed any more, so I slowly moved away from that place, and stood somewhere else.
Yes, just like the guy had done.
On a subconscious level i guess i am proud of what i did, and that feeling will prbly prompt me to hit again at any one who does it in front of me.
But rational thought leaves me cursing myself for my impulsiveness.
I must admit that I had subscribed to blank noise some time back.
I had unsubscribed later.
After a broken engagement, where I was blamed to be too much of a feminist for my own good.
Where I was told that I have too much temper for a girl, and all such.
This is just my two cents. I didn’t want anything to do with blank noise. I think it is pointless talking about eve teasing. Prudent girls would rather stay away from the spotlight.
And carry a safety pin in buses.
I do think that visiting this site primes me to be more antagonistic to guys, which doesn’t help.
I’d rather hone my street skills, and carry a safety pin.
And get married to a guy.

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r said...

Just to say, being feminist is an integral part of you, your principles, not just an attitude you adopt. On that particular day you obviously did not compromise. People will tell you shut up and be a nice girl and there is no end to changing your behaviour to make them feel more comfortable.