Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kismet Nakai

I have alot of stories and Im havng a tough time decidin which one to start with. I think it's going to be the time I tried intervening but my anger blurred my common sense and the perv got away.

So, I'm on my way back from the gym- its about 7 in the evening and its rush hour so there are lots of cars/cycles/ people/animals-the works. You can get my point , I think.Chandigarh is a small town but its really getting over-populated (but thats another story.) Anyway, so I'm taking my usual route home and my sixth sense (which alot of us have thanks to the many million lecherous men we deal with every day) picks up on a guy riding his cycle infront of my car. He looks nervous and fidgety and his behaviour is just odd. I'm watching him closely and just when I'm about to turn - I see him suddenly speed up, race ahead of this girl and her mother who are walking, turn around -grab her boob and make a mad dash to get away from the scene. Nobody notices, other than the girl and the mother- I mean who would? Its rush hour and people don't have the time or the motivation to look around. But, I saw him. And my blood boiled. It could've me and my mother or my little niece and her mum- it could've been anyone I know. And we wouldve been helpless while the pervie cycle boy got away with it. I call him a boy cos he couldn't be older than 17 yrs old!!

I decided that he needed a slap- so I didn't turn- I sped after him. I apologise to the people I might've knocked over, I was driving in a rage and when that happens-red is the only colour i see! I drive up next to pervie cycle boy who looks at me and realises- he's been busted. Someone saw him-worse still, someone is CHASING him. It was at that point that I didnt know what to do- should I knock him over with my car? A slight bump so he falls off and I can jump out of the car and pounce on him? Or should I chase him till he tires? I didnt really know so when he turned into a quiet part of the sector, I did too. This is when he outsmarts me. He got off his cycle, shitting bricks he was, I could see that in his eyes. I stopped the car and decided to jump out! Why did I do that??? He turns his cycle around and jumps on, cycling like mad in the opposite direction. And there I am, half in my car - half on the road watching him as he disappears into a dark alley. I'm not a very skilled driver and by the time I would've u-turned in the narrow road, pervie cycle boy would be long gone. ARGH! My frustration. But I saw him squirm, I saw him nearly die of a heart attack when he realised I was following him and I am pretty sure he wont do it again. I can hope at least.

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Anonymous said...

Your idea was right but next time around if you see something like this dnt hesitate to crush the person under the car.One step like this will go a long way in preventing such incidents which happen on a daily basis in buses,trains,streets everywhere.Kudos to you.