Friday, August 29, 2008


I don't think I've ever really seen anyone being sexually harrassed. I don't include things like cat-calls, staring and so on in this definition since it's too [frighteningly] common on the streets. To the point where I haven't done anything about it at all.

Have you ever experienced street sexual harassment or 'eve teasing' and been supported by the public? Did they help? or show support? if yes, in what way?

I have experienced harrassment but nobody ever really came forward to do anything about it. People just sort of walked past as if nothing had even happened in the same vicinity as them.

Have you ever experienced street sexual harassment and made a scene and not have the public support you?

Yes. A man on the street was walking towards me and he reached out and touched me. I called out violently and tried to swing at him, while gesturing to the people around me, expecting some sort of reaction. However, people chose to walk past me anyway. It was sad but not shocking or unexpected {their reaction).

How would you like the public to react?

An outcry. Like in the movies, people gathering around, being responsive and reactive. No matter how 'trivial' the incident, I would like some sort of anger or outlash against the perpetrator, just so that he knows that it ISN'T trivial.

But I don't see this happening very quickly.I myself don't have that mindset. Or at least I don't know yet whether I do.

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