Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sabah Ahsan Malik

A girl was ogled and hooted at by boys almost every day at a tuition centre to which I used to go in O levels. Surprisingly other females present there laughed at her. What I found outrageous was the indifference of the females towards her. I didn't do much but I made sure I passed a disapproving look at the male perpetrators. It worked. They stopped passing vulgar comments a loud. I asked the other females to not laugh at her but to show her support.

Have you ever experienced street sexual harassment or 'eve teasing' and been supported by the public? Did they help? or show support? if yes, in what way?

I was walking with a friend to the French Center which is at a distance from the University where we study. I was walking behind my friend. Two boys riding a motor bike hooted loudly, whistled and then said something which was inaudible to me in all the traffic din. The motor bike rushed past me. I stopped. I was out of breath because of the sheer closeness of the vehicle that went by me and was relieved I did not get hit. I was not supported by the public. My friend assured me to not to feel scared and keep walking.

How would you like public to show support?
When I experience street sexual harassment I would like someone from the public to offer company and comforting words. To remind me that the fault is of the perpetrator. If the perpetrator is told of what he just did and how wrong it was, that would be great!