Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smriti Chanchani

Today at 4:43pm
To the boys who pretended that they didn't see...

This is something that happened a very long time ago but has stuck in my memory as one time, when i have felt most, vulnerable & afraid.

I was 9 yrs old & had a holiday - my amma and i decided to catch an afternoon show at Galaxy cinema hall, i loved going there because they had a spiral staircase with a lovely velvet red carpet. We were a little late and walked into the theater after the lights had gone out. My Ma went to find us seats while i waited on the side. A group of 6-7 boys walked in behind us.

Before i knew it the film screen was hidden and i was surrounded by 7 boys towering around me - many of them took turns to put their finger inside me. I stood frozen until i finally jerked and pushed myself out of the crowd. Some of the boys in that group did nothing but watch.
I sat and watched the film in silence next to my mother. I had worn a pretty white t-shirt and black skirt with blue flowers that day.

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